The verdict is in: critics love Mad Max: Fury Road. We've been eagerly anticipating the post-apocalyptic action flick since the first trailer hit last summer, and it appears it was worth the wait. But don't just take a critic's word for it. After you watch the immensely satisfying trailers, check out some great new featurettes released by Warner Bros., which help to acquaint us with Mad Max's insane desert landscape and band of looney characters.

There are three featurettes in total, highlighted by the strong and determined Furiosa, who is being played by Charlize Theron. She's one of the film's lead characters, and is set to play an integral role in the survival of Max (Tom Hardy).

"George wanted to create a character that can stand next to Max," explained Charlize Theron. "Somebody that can fight as strong as he can. Who can survive as well as he can. This ultimate female road warrior."

The other two featurettes introduce us to the plight of Max, along with an explanation of who The Wives are. I won't spend time explaining and breaking down each featurette. Just watch them yourself and admire the beauty that is Fury Road, which comes out this Friday, May 15.