Today I focused on the apps in the MacWorld Expo Hall, though I couldn’t help but take a few minutes out to check out some of PDP’s cool Disney and NBA licensed iPhone cases and Mimobot’s Star Wars, Hello Kitty, and Batman flash drives. There’s an interesting trend happening in the digital accessory space that’s following the whole “designer toy” movement that’s so popular amongst … whaddaya call ’em? … cool kids in urban environments.

Also? Lots of iOS-compatible audio stuff on the show floor. Virtual instruments, multi-track recorders and mixing interfaces for iPad, MIDI hardware for iOS devices, and audio processing amps that model everything from guitar effects to studio reference monitors to vocal effects that make autotune sound like child’s play. I’ll be playing with some of the more interesting stuff on my own in the weeks to come, and reporting back on anything that proves really interesting. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery for a taste of all the crazy things you can do with – and crazy ways to dress up – your Apple hardware.