Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve probably heard Apple announced four new software upgrades at its WWDC keynote last month: iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS all got some cool upgrades. Sure, iOS is usually the star of the show while tvOS is often overlooked by its more robust and honed brethren, but today were checking out what’s new with the other two software that fall in the middle: macOS Sierra and watchOS 3.0.

The Mac’s software has undergone plenty of changes over the past few years, adopting a minimalistic take with a bright palette of colors. In the subsequent years, Apple has been busy adding iOS features to OS X, now renamed macOS, all the while linking both platforms with Continuity. This year is no different, but some cool features snuck in there too.

macOS’s big addition this year is Siri, Apple’s loveable voice assistant, as you probably heard. But what you may not have known was that Siri can assist with system settings, such as dimming the brightness or turning on Bluetooth, access files in Finder and even check how much space you have left on your SSD (or hard drive). You can call her through the dock or the utility bar at the top. Some other Siri tricks include mapping a keystroke command and configured what microphone she uses.

Siri is the main star of macOS, but she’s hardly the only one. Key improvements have been made to iMessage and Apple Pay has finally made it’s way to the Mac. You can now purchase things online using Apple Pay, but only if you use Safari. Speaking of Safari, one of the key upgrades coming to Apple’s web browser is picture in picture. They showed a demo of this onstage by dragging the video player to a designated corner, but what they didn’t show was that while pressing command, you can move the video player anywhere on the display as well as resizing it.

watch OS 3.0 is a major upgrade for the Apple Watch that will completely change the way you interact with it. You may have heard of some new features, but there are a couple you need to really dig in to find. Swiping left or right on the watchface lets you easily switch, a feature Apple calls “Face Gallery.” It also makes it easier to customize the watchfaces and edit complications. Some of the watchfaces also got new complications. Also coming to the Apple Watch is Find My iPhone, which for some reason wasn’t available from day one.

The new Apple Watch app for the iPhone brings easier customization of the Apple Watch, such as switching watchfaces, but you can now turn off screenshots for the Apple Watch as well. No more accidental screenshots.

All in all, both software got some pretty cool upgrades that we’re excited about. Check out the video above to see a full recap of the coolest features.