Apple unveield macOS 10.15 Catalina during its WWDC keynote that does the one thing users have been asking forever: revamps iTunes entirely.


That was the big story with macOS in general. Apple's Craigh Federighi about adding even more services to iTunes, like Mail, playing off the years-long criticism of iTunes that it has become too bloated. To combat this, Apple is splitting it up in to three seperate apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and TV.

This should make the experience much more streamlined and effective. No more bumbling through your old music just to buy or watch a movie. That experience will now happen in the new standalone TV app. It's the same story for Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

Let's pour one out for iTunes which served us for nearly two decades.

iPhone Syncing

One major side effect of this is the way you sync iPhones. Instead of going through an app, this function will now happen in Finder. This should make the experience much more streamlined. Syncing iPhones nowadays is not done to download music, it is to back it up with computer. This allows that interaction to be much more pronounced.

Voice Control

Besides the death of iTunes, Apple also introduced a few other new features that should be very useful. One of those is a new feature called "Voice Control" that lets users control a Mac comptuer entirely through voice dictation. This feature will be useful for just about everybody who has their hands busy, but more so for people with disabilities.

iPad Secondary Display

Apple is finally letting Mac users using their iPad as a secondary display. This has been available for a while now with third-party apps, but now that it is baked into the operating system, it will be more useful than ever.


macOS Catalina is finally bringing Apple Pencil functionality to the Mac. Using an iPad and Apple Pencial, with programs like Illustrator, Affinity Photo or ZBrush, you can great content with an iPad that shows up on the Mac, but also, you can control the iPad with Mac keyboard controls via the Command, Control and Shift keys.

Find My

macOS is also getting a new app called Find My which combines Find My iPhone with Find My Friends. The new app will turn Apple devices into Bluetooth beacons, which will let you track offline devices for the first time. Of course, the devices will need some battery life for the feature to work.

Screen Time

Another feature being carried over from iOS is Screen Time. You will now be able to get app by app breakdown of all your time with the Mac.


Marzipa project was renamed to Catalyst. Catalyst is the UIkit interface aimed at bringing over iPad apps over to the Mac. The update will improve the apps themselves over the versions we've seen in macOS Mojave.

macOS Catalina is now available for developers and will roll out to the public in the fall.