TechnoBuffalo processes a ton of video, so any time we can gain even a few seconds in processing time, it's cause for celebration. Give us just a few extra minutes and you may see us do a dance of joy. However, these minutes are usually provided from beefy desktops and none of us expected such a gift to come from a laptop.

While trying out video exporting on his new MacBook Pro with retina display, our own Jon Rettinger decided to conduct a little test to see if his 2011 iMac could beat his new laptop. We were pretty shocked by the results.  Add in that the new system has a somewhat slower processor, and we were even more blown away.

Here are the specs of our two contenders in the little speed test.

Jon's iMac specs

Jon's MacBook Pro with Retina Display

As you can see, the processor on the laptop is a bit slower at 2.7 GHz, but it is an Ivy Bridge processor. The system is also sporting an SSD compared to the iMac's HDD.  The RAM on the Pro also has a slightly faster clock speed.

And here are the settings he uses for video exporting.

Jon's MBP video settings

Jon's MBP video settings - 2

So, what happened? Well, the MacBook Pro ended up processing the video four minutes faster than the iMac did.

video exports

Despite what the screenshots said, the MBP did finish nearly four minutes before the iMac.

While there are some differences between the systems, we think the difference comes down mainly to the Ivy Bridge processor being so much more powerful than the iMac's Sandy Bridge chip.  The SSD of the MacBook Pro is also sure to have played a factor, and when you combine it with the new chip you get a much faster system.  If you're looking for a machine to process video on, it's looking like the days of strictly thinking in terms of a desktop may be coming to an end.

It's an unscientific comparison to be sure, but still an interesting one none the less.