You can do some pretty interesting things with the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The multitouch screen hosts all sorts of possibilities for Apple-made applications and third party stuff.

What about gaming? Sure, some developers will make use of the Touch Bar for in-game shortcuts. I mean, what about physically gaming on the Touch Bar? What about running the original DOOM on the Touch Bar?

Yes! Of course, that’s possible. YouTuber diffractive – b3ll posted a brief clip of DOOM running on the Touch Bar, complete with the absurdly terrible aspect ratio. Here it is.

The Touch Bar could be incredible with third party development

We shared this video for two reasons, really. First of all, it’s ridiculous enough that it’s worth sharing. Second, though? The Touch Bar could present some truly interesting features in the hands of third-party developers.

DOOM on the Touch Bar isn’t particularly fun or of high quality, but it suggests that creative development could lead to some awesome stuff. We’ll follow along until then.