The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar is designed to provide users with contextual suggestions depending on what app they’re using. Apparently, Apple’s new machine is proving to be too good at providing information in certain situations.

A notice issued by the Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina says students planning to take the Bar exam will be required to disable the Touch Bar. The Board is afraid students may use it to cheat.

This is a notice for all applicants who will be using their laptop at the February 2017 North Carolina Bar Examination. If you are planning to use the newest version of the Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar, you will be required to disable the Touch Bar feature prior to entry into Bar Examination Site.

In a statement provided to 9to5Mac, a staffer of the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners argued the Touch Bar can “compromise Examination integrity and security.”

It beats writing answers on your arm

Laptops and other electronics are becoming commonplace in classrooms, but the use of the Touch Bar brings cheating to an all-new level. When Apple first replaced the function keys with an OLED screen, I doubt the company considered cheating as a potential use.

When we reviewed the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, we found the new feature to be useful with certain apps. But we have yet to explore how useful it is during tests. I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use it to cheat. There are far better uses for the Touch Bar.