Before you decide on picking up that rumored MacBook Pro with a Retina Display, you may want to wait to hear how much it may cost.

Rumors have been coming from all over of a MacBook Pro update with a Retina Display.  While it may sound awesome to see your laptop with double the resolution, one thing no one has mentioned thus far is how much more this could potentially end up costing you. DisplaySearch Senior Analyst Richard Shim spoke with CNET about how much more the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch panels might cost, and it wasn't pretty.

According to [Shim's] estimates, adding a Retina-quality panel in Apple's 15-inch MacBook pro would cost Apple about $160 versus the $68 the company spends on its current models. It's $134 for such a panel on the 13.3-inch model, compared to the $69 Apple pays right now.

The gains in display quality would definitely be noticeable to the consumer, but the question is how much of the higher cost to achieve that would be passed on to the consumer.  Apple would of course get a volume discount, but even with that the wholesale price won't drop to anything close to what the company is paying for the current generation of displays.

If the rumors hold true and we see these new models rolled out during the WWDC in June, we'll know soon enough, but for now, you may want to prepare yourself for sticker shock.

[via CNET]