Supplies of MacBook Pro laptops  appear to be drying up, which usually indicates new models are on the away.

MacRumors is reporting that third-party Apple resellers such as Amazon are showing 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros in short supply.  This is traditionally an indicator with Apple that a line refresh is closing in.  According to the well-known MacRumors Buying Guide, it has been 289 days as of today since the high-end laptops were refreshed, well past the average of 208 days, and the last update occured in April 2010.

What we could expect from a new model of MacBook Pro is unknown.  While there is some speculation that the processors would get an update to Intel’s new Sandy Bridge architecture, that is certainly not confirmed.

While Apple keeps its iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch on a yearly refresh cycle, the various Mac models are a bit more hit-and-miss with when they receive updates.  The last MacBook Air update happened in Oct. of last year, but that was 16 months after its previous upgrades.

As we’re currently waiting for Apple to make a big announcement about the iPad 2, which the rumored Feb. 1st presentation is seeming less and less likely, there is a chance that Apple might combine an event showcasing the new tablet with the news of a MacBook Pro refresh.  Only time will tell, and it will also depend on if the new features are considered noteworthy enough to be included in a presentation, or if it just must be a quiet update on the Apple Store.

None of these indicators guarantee that a MacBook Pro update is going to happen for sure, but if it was us, and we were in the market for one of these, we would definitely be holding off from making any purchases at the moment.

What say you? What new features do you think a MacBook Pro might hold in store for us?

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