MacBook Pro 17-inch - thumb

Rumors that the 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro may be heading to the chopping block are picking up some steam, leaving the 15-inch as the largest model.

Over the weekend, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note to investors that he believed Apple is preparing to end the 17-inch option in MacBook Pros.  Mr. Kuo actually has a successful track record with predicting Apple's roadmap for the Mac line according to MacRumors, and his reasoning for this possibility is fairly sound.  Should Apple introduce a new Mac in the next quarter that combines the power of a MacBook Pro with the design of the MacBook Air – as so many rumors have said the company will – he doesn't see where there would be much room left for the 17-inch model.

While adding new products, Apple is likely to stop making the 17" MacBook Pro this year due to falling shipments, in order to maintain a lean product line strategy.

It isn't clear how Kuo comes up with his estimated sales figures for each model, but he states that Apple sold around 3.1 million laptops in the first quarter of this year. Going from that number, he states that 1.5 million of them were 13-inch MacBook Pros, 500,000 were the 15-inch model and a mere 50,000 were of the 17-inch variety.

Although we are currently recommending you hold off on buying a laptop, if you're thinking about grabbing a 17-inch MacBook Pro, you may want to just go ahead and do so.  Yes, it's large and fairly heavy, but if you're a video editor on the go, it's an invaluable piece of equipment, and the idea of it disappearing might be scary to some.

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