MacBook RIP

While it isn’t a huge surprise, it was still a bit shocking this morning as all the new product updates rolled out to notice that the white MacBook was no longer listed on the store page. Without any fanfare, the entry level Mac laptop has passed into the pages of Apple history.

MacBookTo be honest, this was inevitable.  There was just no point to it any longer with how powerful the new MacBook Air 11-inch has become.  They were the same price, and the update to the Air just outclassed it in every conceivable way.  You could spend $999 on foe either a plastic MacBook that was heavier, had less power and wasn’t as sturdy, or you could get an ultra-thin machine that weighs next to nothing, had the latest in CPUs and is built out of aluminium.  The writing was clear that the MacBook was just no longer essential to Apple’s product line.

If you are feeling nostalgic for something you could have bought last week, you can still pick them up in the refurbished store from Apple, but the age of Macs encased in anything other than aluminium has come to an end … although we’d still go nuts if the G4 Cube was to come back someday just because it was awesome looking.

What do you think?  It was it time for Apple to say good-bye to the MacBook?

UPDATE: Resellers have been notified that the MacBook will continue to be sold to educational institutions for $899, but they will not be available to individuals any longer.

MacBook (MC516) is now Available for Education Institutions Only. All backlog for channel and non direct education institution customers should be cancelled effective today July 20th.

The MacBook (MC516) will be available to all channel partners via the Apple On-line Reseller stores and is now intended to be sold out only to education institutions.

So it is dead as a consumer device, but we could continue to see them popping in schools for some time yet.