It really seemed like only a matter of time until we heard rumors of the MacBook Air receiving Retina Display technology, and that moment has now arrived.

We’ve already heard that the MacBook Pro is potentially receiving Retina Displays, and this was followed up by sources saying the iMac was as well. So where is the ultra-thin MacBook Air in all of this Retina Display madness? Not far behind, it would seem.

According to sources that spoke with 9to5Mac, the next iteration of the MacBook Air is indeed getting an upgrade to Retina Display technology, but it will take a bit longer to come to fruition than its full-bodied brethren.  While the iMac and MacBook Pro are expected to roll out next month at WWDC, the MacBook Air does not have a target release date as of yet.  The apparent cause in the delay is the amount of battery power the higher density display requires, and making sure that enough power can be squeezed into the slimmer body of the diminutive laptops.

Reportedly the new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models won’t see any noticeable external changes, and this update will be alla bout improving the screen.  There is also still no word if the USB ports will be upgraded to USB 3.0 like what is expected to happen on the MacBook Pro refresh.

It would appear that Retina Display madness has gripped the Apple campus in Cupertino, and no one will rest until every device the company makes comes with a glorious higher resolution display.

[via 9to5Mac]