We’ve heard about Apple planning to unveil a new MacBook Pro for release later this year, and a new report claims a new MacBook Air is on the way, too. Both notebooks are expected to launch in August, conflicting with a previous report that claimed whatever refreshes Apple has planned wouldn’t launch until Q4.

According to Mac Otakara, citing Chinese suppliers, Apple is planning to discontinue the 11-inch MacBook Air and instead focus on the existing 13-inch model. The company will apparently introduce a 15-inch model, too, with both sizes sporting USB-C ports instead of USB-A and MagSafe 2.

These MacBook Air models are expected to look more like the MacBook, according to previous reports; it’s unclear if the “Air” moniker will be dropped in favor of a simpler MacBook naming scheme. If so, Apple could offer three MacBook sizes alongside its revamped MacBook Pro lineup.

Speaking of which, that redesigned MacBook Pro we’ve been hearing so much about will reportedly be unveiled at WWDC next week as well and release by the end of summer. Again, that conflicts with a previous report we heard from famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, but considering we’ve seen supposed MacBook Pro chassis floating around, a release might not be all that far off.

Some of the highlights of the rumored MacBook Pro refresh include four USB-C ports, a slimmer build, and an OLED bar that’s contextual depending on what app is being used. We’ve already seen a concept for how this might work, so we’ll see what Apple has planned at its developer conference next week. We’ll be there covering the announcements and hope you’ll join us as the news hits.