MacBook Air 2010In a not so shocking turn of events, it appears that Apple is preparing to update the MacBook Air line of ultra-portable laptops.  According to DigiTimes, the company has significantly increased its orders for this month, a clear indication that it is attempting to build up stock for a product launch.

The last update to the line of thin computers was released on Oct. 20th of last year, meaning a June or July release would put it a bit ahead of its expected update of nearly a year.  The changes this time around seem are mostly of the internal type as the processors are expected to be updated to Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture just as the iMac and MacBook Pro have recently seen.  Also expected to see its debut on this update will be the Thunderbolt port, a new technology that really hasn’t caught on yet, but Apple is making sure all of its systems are ready for.

This release cycle is not unprecedented as the second iteration came out in Oct. 2008 with another update in June 2009.  After that there was a lag until Oct. 2010, so, in theory, after this update it could be Oct. 2012 before the Air gets another update.  It also could be that Apple simply wanted a product to fill the presumable void in revenue from the iPhone 5 release appearing to be moved from summer to fall this year.  Without the annual influx of revenue from the phone release, Apple needs something to fill the gap, and the thin laptop is the most likely candidate as the other two most popular Macs have just been updated.  Yes, the basic MacBook, Mac Mini and Mac Pro could all use updates, but they don’t sell in the numbers the Air does.

While the MacBook Air update isn’t a lock as of yet, it makes a lot of sense, and we won’t be surprised at all to see it become a reality.

Do you have interest in an updated MacBook Air?