Here’s a story you don’t hear all that often: a pilot says that he accidentally dropped his MacBook Air from his airplane and that the notebook lived to tell the tale. How many people can say they’ve accidentally dropped a laptop from an airplane? Silly as it sounds, the pilot sticks by his story and has a few pictures that he points to as proof.

User av80r published his account on Reddit where it was spotted by 9to5Mac. In the thread, the pilot says that he was flying a Sports cruiser airplane at about 1,000 feet above the ground when his canopy popped open. The laptop was inside a bag that went flying to the ground where it landed near one of the pilot’s friends. “The laptop is still functional, although the cooling system is damaged and the glass on the trackpad is starting to fall out,” av80r said, noting that the “mechanism for securing the canopy for flight” wasn’t secured enough and popped up “mid crosswind.”

It’s a pretty amazing story, but the laptop is obviously still going to need to be replaced. Keep those canopies locked and closed, folks.