MacBook Air profile

The most popular rumor as of late about the MacBook Air line is going to be receiving a 15-inch model, and the latest rumor says it could launch as soon as next month.

While attending the CU Exposed trade show, Electricpig spoke with a manufacturer who makes docking solutions for Macs.  The source of course asked to remain anonymous, but said that his sources have assured him that a 15-inch MacBook Air was indeed in the pipeline and could be announced by Apple as soon as April.  We’ve been hearing this rumor since last October, but we’ve also heard that Apple may just be putting the 13 and 15-inch on a diet with plans to launch thinner versions of those models.

There are numerous problems with this rumor from the source being an accessory maker who may just be working off of the rumors we’ve all heard, to the fact that Intel has delayed its new Ivy Bridge processers until June.  Even discounting this latest rumor, there is a lot of evidence mounting that Apple has some plans to change up its laptop lines.  The only questions at this point are when and by how much.

[via Electricpig]