It's an argument nearly as old as the home computer itself.It breeds hatred between friends and can cause all out brawls in the IT room. Of course we are talking of the ongoing battle between Macs and PCs

This disagreement has seemingly always been around, and it always seems to be changing. New innovations on either end have caused loyalists to jump ship to the other side, or get angry and want to smack any opponent of your beloved computer in the face.

With the innovations of BootCamp for the Mac, Hackintosh's for any old PC, and the fact that Mac and PC hardware is getting closer and closer together, the old time argument seems irrelevant. Gone are the days of SCSI vs Parallel or Motorola vs Intel, and that divide in raw hardware is as good as gone. Instead of looking at Mac vs PC, we need to take a look at what really make the two different: Operating Systems.

So it's time to put all this bias aside and take an in-depth look at the two worthy competitors. They each have some intriguing features, yet they still have some blatant problems. We will look at all the differences (and similarities) between the two, and give you an honest head-to-head comparison. There will be no "fanboying" or trashing of one each other, but a fair and just resolution. In order to do this we need help from you, the TechnoBuffalo community. Leave a comment below and tell us the following:

If you are a Windows user, tell us something you really like about Mac OS X.

If you are a Mac User, tell us a feature of Windows you would like to have on a


So stay tuned, because this battle is going to get heated real quickly. Have any other feedback or contributions to the argument? Leave them below and help us out! After all, this battle is for you.