For a long time now you could judge when an update to Apple’s product lines was imminent due to reports of retailers being told to sell through current stock, or that they would not be receiving a resupply.  Well, currently it looks like Mac Pros, the top of the Mac line, are not available for in-store reservations via Apple, and retailers have been told not to expect more shipments of the 21.5″ iMacs.

mac proWhile there has been some speculation that Apple was losing interest in the Mac line due to the success of the iOS devices, the company has said many times that this was not the situation at all.  The problem is, the data hasn’t been backing this up.

Using the ever handy buyer’s guide at Mac Rumors, and going by today’s date (July 25th), the Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in 509 days compared to its old average cycle of 236 days.  The iMac isn’t in quite as bad shape having gone 277 days compared to its usual average of 221 days.

The reports of dwindling supplies of both these computers surely seems to indicate that we will see product updates in the next couple of weeks.  While the iMac wasn’t in the desperate of need of an update, the last time the all-in-one desktop had received a refresh had actually put it ahead of the top end Mac Pro’s basic stats.  Yes there were some slight difference, but the iMac had a faster base processor speed and more RAM.  While the Mac Pro was still more powerful, you have to admit it looked a tiny bit odd in the scheme of the world of Mac desktops.

There is no date listed for any of these updates, it might come in early Sept. with the iPod update, but that seems a bit unlikely.  Our guess would be either Aug. 3rd or 10th.  What the new specs will be is anyone’s guess, but it should be fun to see what the new models bring with them.

What say you?  What sort of updates are you looking forward to?