On Wednesday, Apple previewed their latest OS, Mac OS X 10.7, Lion.  Some of the features of Lion highlighted by Jobs on Wednesday include:

  • Multi-touch gestures
  • App Store
  • App Home screens
  • Full screen apps
  • Auto save
  • Apps resume when launched

Steve Jobs noted that touchscreens don't work when in front of a user, which is why devices like the iPhone and iPad are successful. He also noted that their line of products will continue to stick with mice and trackpads.

"This is how we're going to use multi-touch on our Mac products," he said.

"Lion will bring the Mac App Store, which, like on iOS, will include one-click downloads, free and paid downloads, and revenue sharing with developers. The Mac App Store will also include automatic updates, and software will be licensed for use on all personal Macs."

The CEO also noted a new feature, Mission Control, which allows users to view anything running on a Mac and instantly navigate to anywhere. He said this will combine existing features, like Expose, with new ones like full screen.

A demo showed off the Mac App Store and how seamless buying applications are for the end users.  Applications can also be added to the Launch Pad, which can be selected from the Mac OS X Dock and brings an iPad-style grid of icons and pages onto the screen as an overlay.