Apple's new Mac Mini (2018) is small, but it packs a lot of power. Now you can take a look at the innards, courtesy of iFixit. The team busted open a new Mac Mini to find out what's inside and how the construction impacts repairing. After all, most of us need to get our computers fixed at some point.

The teardown wasn't dramatic as it's a simple machine. iFixit found itself impressed with the ease-of-access, and disassembly should be straightforward for experienced folks.

Apple didn't get messy with glue or adhesive strips. Also, memory (RAM) can be upgraded and replaced at will. That's a total win since most premium brands are shifting away from upgradable components.

On the contrary, you can't upgrade the chip. You're locked in with Intel's 8th generation Core-branded unit. And, if any of the external ports need to be replaced, iFixit says the entire logic board needs to go as well. Needless to say, there's good and bad about the Mac Mini's structure.

Check out this shot of what's beneath the new Mac Mini's fan:

As for its repairability score, iFixit rated the new Mac Mini with a 6/10. It's a pretty average result and an unsurprising one without any major positives or negatives. If the Mac Mini (2018) breaks, it's not incredibly difficult to repair as long as you go with an experienced professional.

Still, you can open this computer and do some DIY work after checking out iFixit's service manual.

The Mac Mini (2018), which starts at $799, can be purchased through Apple and select retailers. Expect it to be a popular pick among graphic designers, entertainment studios, and other creatives.