It seems as though Apple announced they would launch a Mac App Store a very long time ago and frankly, there has been so much more going on yet so little discussion I almost forgot about it. Apple had said the Mac App store would launch sometime after the 1st of the year, and now rumors are abound that the date has moved up and that it will launch on Dec. 13th, 2010.


Originally developers had reported that Apple told them to have their applications ready for December 6th, well from the timing of this piece we know that didn’t happen, so the 13th looks like a pretty good bet. Reports are that Steve Jobs is making a big push to launch the Mac App store before Christmas, which would be about a month earlier than originally planned. I don’t really consider software an ideal gift and it’s about impossible to put a digital download under the tree, but those that are buying for those loved ones that have everything an App store gift card may bail them out.

There has been no official announcement on the launch date from Apple, but I just can’t see Steve jobs missing the opportunity to profit from the holiday gift giving season. You can bet that if the App store is close to launch ready Mr. Jobs will put the throttle to the floor to make it happen before Christmas. We will be keeping an eye on this story and any other happenings with the Mac App store.