Lytro-Product-AngleThe Lytro may not be the kind of technology many consumers clamor for this holiday season, but the company is doing its best to make the device more accessible. Starting Oct. 9, the innovative camera will be available online from Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

Additionally, folks can walk into any of Target's retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Westwood, Seattle and Chicago to pick the Lytro up beginning in November. And if you find yourself residing in international waters, the gadget will also be available from Canada's Future Shop on Oct. 9,  in retail locations in Australia starting Oct. 10, and in select retail outlets in Hong Kong and Singapore starting mid-October.

It's a pretty smart move on Lytro's part, because it makes its groundbreaking camera tech more widely available to the average Joe. It may not find itself on the majority of wish lists this holiday season, but it'll no doubt make a few consumers very happy.

[via Lytro]