Popular ridesharing service Lyft has announced that it's gearing up to introduce a new opt-in feature called Round Up & Donate, which will let you make charitable contributions whenever you take a ride.

As its name suggests, Round Up & Donate rounds your fare to the nearest whole dollar and donates the difference to a charity of your choice — so if your fare is $5.60, it will be rounded up to $6, with the remaining $0.40 going to a good cause.

"Parking your backsides in the back seats across the nation is a way to rebuild our communities around people, not cars," reads an advert in The New York Times promoting Round Up & Donate.

Lyft's no stranger when it comes to helping out those in need. In January, the firm's founders gave one million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Itwill take a few weeks to reach all users

Round Up & Donate is currently undergoing testing and will be available for all Lyft customers in the coming weeks.