The vision behind the program is to allow developers to add upgraded Lyft integration into different apps and services, allowing greater flexibility when hailing a ride.

The new program opens up the possibility for people to order a Lyft for friends and family. Say your grandma needs a ride to her doctor's appointment, but she doesn't have a smartphone and a Lyft account. That's where the company's Dispatch Developer Program comes in.

According to blog post on Lyft's website, developers will be able to use their own sign-up, billing and notification system, negating the need for riders to have a Lyft account before riding.

This program is centered around providing developers greater flexibility in integrating with Lyft by giving them the ability to request on-demand and scheduled rides without their customers requiring a smartphone or a Lyft account. Dispatch reduces signup friction and enables a developer to completely own the passenger experience.

Lyft is reportedly working with car dealerships to provide customers with courtesy rides, while other services, including One Call Care Management and LogistiCare, are considering integration.

There's a lot of potential

Last year, Lyft launched its open API program for developers who wanted to integrate the service into their apps, such as in Google Maps. But the Dispatch Developer Program opens up even more possibilities for developers, which may ultimately benefit consumers.