LYCOS doesn’t just want to help you find information on the Internet. It also wants to count your steps, track your sleep and wake you in the morning. If that sounds like a description of an activity tracker, that’s because it is. Meet the LYCOS Band

As part of its LYCOS Life project, the prehistoric Web search company is making a decidedly contemporary move. Oh, and there’s a ring—just called, Ring—that is described as a “personal security manager,” which LYCOS says will enable you to quickly login to apps and websites.

Both devices can actually perform this digital handshake thanks to their NFC capabilities. The band looks like a lot of fitness tracker on the market, which is to say it’s a plastic band with a digital screen. In addition to tracking your steps, the Band is also capable of tracking your heart rate, and sending messages, which is achieved with the help of an Android app known as LYCOS Life.

“The most valuable commodity in life is time and this technology helps LYCOS Life users maximize their time by making smarter and more informed decisions using the data they receive from LYCOS Life,” said Brad Cohen, president & chief strategy officer of LYCOS.

LYCOS says the Band’s battery is rated at about two weeks and is water resistant for trips to the beach. Beyond that, it comes in six different colors, and retails for $125. The Ring, meanwhile, pretty much just looks like a thick metal ring, and is designed to make your life easier without you even noticing it’s there. The Ring retails for $60.

Both devices will be available on June 8.