Lunar Touch

It’s always nice to see these classic JRPGs pop up on iOS, and this one is near and dear to the hearts of many fans. Game Art’s Lunar: Silver Star Story has just received a touch enabled port on the iOS for just only $6.99.

Lunar: The Silver Star was first brought to America in 1993 by Working Designs on the SEGA CD, and it became the system’s 2nd best selling game at a time when JRPGs were not the system sellers they would become. Working Designs is well known for establishing a high standard for their localizations, and many have adopted their style over the years, making sure Japanese games can be appreciated by all.

They returned to the franchise three more times, localizing the SEGA CD version of its sequel Lunar: Eternal Blue and also bringing their PlayStation ports to Americans as well. All of their localizations have been met with open arms thanks to clever writing and exceptional voice work. In fact, these two games have been ported over ten times to other systems, but none are as fondly remembered as the PlayStation and SEGA CD versions.

This iOS port was programed by SoMoGa, and they have a lot to live up to. Based on screenshots, Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch closely resembles the PlayStation version of the game. The recent PSP port Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is another decent choice, but this one is for those who want a more authentic experience.

SoMoGa’s port of Working Designs other SEGA CD RPG, Vay, is also free for download now.