GungHo Entertainment of America, parent company of fan-favorite classic JRPG developer Game Arts, wants to know what games you would like to see appear on the PC. It has published a survey waiting for you to fill out to gauge interest, so I suggest all you fans of classic JRPGs should go ahead and do so.

Game Arts is best known for the Grandia and Lunar franchises. Lunar was a pioneer of CD gaming technology when Lunar: The Silver Star launched for the SEGA CD in 1992. Working Designs made a name for itself with its incredible localization in 1993, including this gem of an intro video you see above. The game has also been remade two times, once for the PlayStation and once for the PSP.

My guess is that it’s the later which might be ported, but I would much prefer to see a definitive PC release with all three. Lunar has a sequel called Eternal Blue which also saw a SEGA CD release and PlayStation remake, both localized by Working Designs.

PlayStation Network is also a perfectly acceptable place to publish these PlayStation remakes, GungHo.

Its other cult-classic favorite, Grandia, continues in the vein of Lunar’s whimsical storytelling, but the only problem is that it had a hard time cutting it in the post Final Fantasy VII world. Science fiction and meta-philosophy ran rampant in the JRPG genre with the likes of Xenogears and Chrono Cross. Who had time for a goofy kid’s adventure?

Still, it found a fanbase who swears by its revolutionary battle system, and it saw three sequels of which Grandia II was the most popular on both the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. I don’t remember much about Grandia III, but Grandia Xtreme was release between the two to finally keep up with the “darker” side of the JRPG genre. The first Grandia game is already on PlayStation Network, so it’s these sequels which would serve best to be ported somewhere.

Game Arts was also behind the Thexder franchise and Alisia Dragoon, but the Lunar and Grandia games are the ones most deserving of a second, third, or even fourth chance. Take the survey and let’s see where our dice lands.