Microsoft is slowly rolling out a new section of its Windows Phone Marketplace today, which is destined specifically for Nokia Lumia handsets. Named the "Nokia Collection," the new section houses all the apps built by the Finnish phone maker, exclusively for its own devices.

The section was first spotted by Lumia users in France, and interestingly, has been seen with two different names. However, it appears that "Nokia Collection" is the name both companies are using. The video above from My Nokia Blog shows the new section in action, which currently features five applications, including Nokia Maps, Contacts Transfer, WRC Live, TuneIn Radio, and App Highlights.

The Verge reports that the section hasn't appeared on their Nokia Lumia just yet, but we are expecting it to roll out to all Lumia users in due course. We're also expecting to see more Nokia applications popping up in the new section.

Have you got the Nokia Collection on your Lumia yet?

[via SlashGear]