We have had a Lumia 950 review unit for the past few days, which means we've had a chance to put it to the test and check out some of its features, including the new 20MP PureView camera with ZEISS optics. We're still working on our full review, but we also wanted to bring you some camera samples to check out.

We're not ready to proclaim this camera better or worse than others on the market yet (though it's certainly better than plenty we've used.) Instead, we just wanted to simply provide a gallery of photos that shows sample images taken in various lighting conditions. That way, if you're antsy to pick up a unit from AT&T or Microsoft today, you know what sort of experience to expect.

The images above are scaled down to fit the site, but you can check out the full resolution shots by following this link. Take a gander at the shots above and let us know what you think.