One of Nokia's most rumored upcoming Lumia devices, thought to be headed to Verizon as the Laser, has passed through the FCC. This could be that Lumia 920 variant we've been hearing so much about over the past several weeks.

Stamped with the RM-860 name, The Verge says the device has recently shown up in Verizon logs, and carries the same 1280×768 resolution as the Lumia 920. "We're told that Nokia's Laser will have similar, if not identical, hardware specifications to the Lumia 920," The Verge said. Indeed, we heard this same report back at the end of January, too.

Interestingly, even though Nokia has an event scheduled for Feb. 25, the company reportedly won't announce the device at Mobile World Congress. I guess all we might get are those budget devices we heard about earlier this week. However, when the device does land "by June," it will be marketed heavily as a Verizon flagship.