The Lumia 830 was announced last September during the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, where it was billed as the flagship Windows Phone for everyone. That strategy apparently didn’t quite work out for the device, however. A new report suggests thee Lumia 830 is heading into early retirement, less than a year on the job.


According to a photo provided to WMPoweruser, the Lumia 830 has already reached “end of life” status. The internal system asks employees to remove all marketing materials for the phone after inventory is sold through in its stores. Sure, it might be an early retirement, but there’s probably good reason Microsoft is doing this.

The company is going to launch its new Windows 10 for phones operating system this fall, almost certainly with amazing new hardware to take advantage of added capabilities. The Lumia 830 is already earmarked to receive that update, but we suspect Microsoft is going to want to push potential customers to its newer handsets instead of the aging, less capable smartphone. Out with the not-so-old, in with the new.