nokia-lumia-822-htc-6435-verizonVerizon customers dreaming of owning an Lumia device might see their wish come true. According to a leaked screen of the carrier’s device management system, the company looks set to introduce a Nokia Lumia 822, though it’s unclear when. Engadget said devices typically pop up in the system a few weeks prior to launch, so perhaps we can expect some sort of announcement by the end of September.

Additionally, a second device, thought to be HTC’s answer to the Galaxy Note, also popped up in Verizon’s system. The handset is rumored to be HTC’s gargantuan 1080p 5-inch device, meaning it’ll likely be an excellent alternative to the LG Intuition. Can you imagine HTC’s One X, but bigger and better? Hooo man, that sounds good to us.

We’ll keep our ears and eyes peeled for anything on these two devices. Verizon customers are going to have plenty to choose from this holiday season. On top of the two handsets mentioned above, the carrier is lined up to get the DROID RAZR HD, DROID RAZR MAXX HD and DROID RAZR M. Oh, and don’t forget about the iPhone 5.

[via Engadget]