After announcing that it was going to disband over the weekend, hacker group LulzSec released an assortment of documents yesterday as a final hurrah on its way out. The files included several AT&T documents that indicate a 4G/LTE iPad is on the horizon, as well as apparently some malware.

According to Stop Malvertising "the torrent contains an infected file called WinRar v3.71.exe located in the AT&T internal data.rar archive, more precisely in the in AT&T internal data\BootableUSB\Program Files\WinRar folder." Pirate Bay, who was hosting the torrent has since removed it, since it does not allow files that contain viruses or trojans on the site.

You can get all the gory details about the malware here.

Update: Stop Malvertising sent us a tweet to let us know "The torrent is not infected, antivirus companies detect the packer of a cracked WinRAR version, that's all."

All Things D is reporting that the hacker group, Anonymous has absorbed most of the former members of LulzSec. Anonymous is part of an "Anti Security movement. "While this may be the last we hear of LulzSec, it won't be the last attack we see similar to those done by LulzSec.

Did any of download the LulzSec file?