When LulzSec announced its disbanding over the weekend, a lot of people were sad to see the hacker group end its infamous 50-day run (Though it’s probably just a matter of time until we see a Hollywood version of its story hit the big screen). Others were thrilled to see it go away — though it’s possible some of these people could be changing their tune, thanks to this latest item.

On its way out the door, the group leaked a bunch of AT&T documents, including one really interesting pic (below) revealing LTE testing phases. See that last line item? That’s right, the one with the word “iPad” nestled in there.

(Click to enlarge)

This suggests that a 4G LTE iPad could be reaching test mode in November and December of this year. Now, there were previous predictions that Apple would release an LTE iPad by the holidays, and this timing might technically work, but it would be an incredibly tight turnaround. More likely is the scenario that a 2012 debut is on tap, as other rumors have suggested.

What do you think? Is the next version of the iPad a 4G model? And would Cupertino really release a 4G tablet before a 4G iPhone? (Or perhaps — could this give weight to the “two phones, two releases” theory for both a pre-paid handset and next-generation device?) Let me what your theories are.

[via BoyGenius Report, 9to5Mac, source iFans]

UPDATE: Looks like LulzSec had a whole other “gift” to give as well — like some malware stuffed into its final leaked documents. For more on that, hit up Emily’s post.