When you’re super-strong and bulletproof, fighting most crime is as simple as walking into the room. In this new trailer for the second season of Luke Cage, we pick back up with our titular hero having grown into his role as something of savior for his adopted home of Harlem, New York. But it’d be a pretty boring show if we just watched our hero bounce bullets for 13 episodes.

Enter Bushmaster.  Played by Mustafa Shakir, Bushmaster is a crime boss looking to fill the power void left by the defeat of both Cotton Mouth and Diamondback in the first season. Only it seems Bushmaster is coming in prepared. A swift kick to the chin leaves Luke coughing up blood, and we find out later in the trailer that this guy is bulletproof, too. Or at least something like it, as the bullets are lodged in his chest when he opens his shirt. In the comics, Bushmaster undergoes the same treatment that made Luke Cage into what he is, though it doesn’t go quite as he planned, leaving us curious to see where he ends up in the show.

While Cage and Bushmaster are facing off, the first season’s Black Mariah and her assistant Shades are continuing to plot in the background, with Mariah suggesting that Harlem needs a queen more than it needs a savior. And then finally, we catch up with Misty Knight. Recovering from her startling injury in the Marvel’s The Defenders, Misty has a new arm and she seems to not only be fighting crime as a police officer but alongside Cage as well.

Luke Cage season 2 is just a month and a half away, when it hits Netflix on June 22.