Nintendo was granted permission to work Mega Man into Super Smash Bros., and it seems that Nintendo is perfectly fine with loaning out Luigi to Capcom. Fair trade? You decide!

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade ran a location test throughout Japan this past three-day weekend, and images from it have begun popping up around the Internet. From the looks of it, it could be a light-gun game with a windowed booth to sit down like many other Japanese arcade shooters these days.

While it was at one point unthinkable, Nintendo has been fairly liberal in loaning out its most popular franchises to other major Japanese developers lately. Tecmo Koei had a go with The Legend of Zelda in Hyrule Warriors, Bandai Namco has had a turn with Mario Kart in the arcades and now Pokken Tournament, and even Capcom has done justice to Nintendo franchises in the past with The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Oracle of Seasons/Ages.

All are fun games, but all also lack the perfectionist air about them that most Nintendo games have. Will this become more and more a standard practice as the tough and expensive world of HD gaming begins to pile on the Japanese game publisher?