Nintendo made a surprise announcement when it unveiled Luigi’s Mansion 3. The title wasn’t expected during its Nintendo Direct presentation, but fans around the world are squealing with excitement.

As an exclusive for the Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3 acts as the newest installment since 2013.

The sub-franchise was started more than 17 years ago. Luigi’s Mansion was released in 2001 alongside Nintendo’s GameCube. It sold very well, but Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon didn’t hit until a few years ago. Now the Japanese company wants everyone to experience the action-adventure game on its flagship console.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

The gameplay matches what we saw from Luigi’s Mansion and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Luigi finds himself in a haunted estate once again, and he’s capturing ghosts throughout.

Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until Nintendo details the actual plot. Yet it must be that Mario, his brother, has gone missing again and needs to be saved. That’s usually how these things go for Mario and Luigi. Someone always needs to be rescued in a secluded location.

If you’ve never played the original or just want to go through it again, Nintendo will release a remake of Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS/2DS this fall. The remake goes on sale on October 12. Just as the third installment approaches, you can experience Luigi’s Mansion and understand how the series gained popularity.

Nintendo didn’t say exactly when Luigi’s Mansion for the Switch arrives. Even its title might be altered by the time it’s released next year.