Well kiss my grits. Here is a series I never thought would be getting a formal release ever again, even through the Nintendo Virtual Console. And yet, without further ado, Lufia: The Legend Returns will be released by Natsume for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Sadly though, this is not the Lufia game that fans have been clamoring for since the dawn of the Virtual Console. Those would be the games from the early days on the Super Nintendo. Lufia & The Fortress of Doom is a pretty standard Dragon Quest clone of a JRPG that is recommendable thanks to it simply being so charming.

It is in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals where we start digging into the meat of the series. It is home to monster raising, demanding puzzles, episodic adventures, game boosting bugs, and some of the most challenging dungeons you’ll ever come across. Don’t take this one lightly, folks. It’s a toughie that demands your attention if Natsume ever gets around to re-releasing it.

Don’t bother with the Nintendo DS remake, either. It changes the characters, plot, battle system, puzzles, and just about everything, making it an entirely new and yet entirely less fun game in the process. The SNES cart is the only way to enjoy Lufia II, so it’s either wait for a Wii U release or hunt down the SNES cartridge.

Lufia: The Legend Reborn was released deep into the Game Boy Color’s lifespan in 2001, a full three months after the Game Boy Advance came out. As you can imagine, dreams of Golden Sun didn’t do much to boost this 8-bit game’s popularity. I’ve never played it, but I can’t see myself dropping money on it unless diehard fans convince me that it is worthy of going back to visit, or if Natsume says I have to download it to get Rise of the Sinistrals to get a release.

I had no idea, but a Game Boy Advance game was also released in 2002. Talk about under the radar.

Joining Lufia: The Legend Reborn is also Harvest Moon 2 for the Game Boy Color. Sadly though, Natsume has confirmed that Harvest Moon 64, generally regarded as the peak of the series, will not be getting a re-release. The poor children.

Any desire for these two games from Natsume?