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With all the boasting and bragging carriers do here in the United States, you’d think their LTE speeds would be some of the fastest in the world. A new study shows that’s very, very far from the truth.

According to data from OpenSignal, the U.S. ranks at a measly 55th in the world, far from the speeds enjoyed in countries like Singapore and New Zealand. Countries such as Peru, Thailand, Chile, Ireland, China, Italy and others squeak past the U.S. in terms of speed—but those aren’t even in the top 10.

Singapore, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel and South Korea round out the top 5, while other countries such as Spain, Austria, Netherlands and Australia sit near the top, too.

On average, OpenSignal says LTE speeds here in the U.S. are about 10Mbps down, which is plenty for streaming music and even movies. But the speeds are nowhere near the download average of Singapore, which is nearing 40Mbps. That said, the U.S. does rank 7th overall in terms of LTE coverage, with South Korea ranking at number one.

The U.S. actually rose a few places compared to last year, so networks are improving. Honestly, I’d take reliability over super-fast speeds any day. You can see the full chart below.