The iPhone 5C, Apple’s rumored low-cost smartphone which was leaked last week after months of speculation, is expected to launch this fall, and although Apple has yet to confirm the device, the leaks just keep coming. Today we have a video of the alleged front and back casing for the handset placed next to a current iPhone 5 for comparison.

We’ve all seen the back of the iPhone 5C before; it’s a mix of design elements from a few different iOS devices, namely the iPhone 5’s dimensions, the iPod Classic’s rounded edges, and the iPod touch’s plastic exterior. However, we haven’t really seen the front panel of the iPhone 5C before… and unfortunately we still don’t get a glimpse in this video (even though it looks like it).

The leaked white backside casing is pictured with a loosely attached black front panel in the video above, but it seems more likely that someone simply used a black iPhone 5 front front panel since the colors don’t match. Additionally, we still haven’t seen a black low-cost iPhone in any leaked images, suggesting that while the device may come in red, yellow, green and blue it won’t be released in black. The two pieces don’t appear to really fit together, either, and the videographer needs to hold them together manually.

Still, the new video may be the best look at the iPhone 5C so far, offering up an idea of what the device will really look like when it finally launches. We expect Apple to unveil the low-cost handset this September as part of its “very busy fall,” so stay tuned for updates.