I've heard and seen trailers of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime before, but in all honesty, I've been a little scared to play it. How does such a cute game terrify a full grown man, well these time management and positioning games don't really suit my laid back style. My anxiety tends to kick in with games where you need to be at one place for this task, then another for this task, and then this place for a different task.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is exactly the kind of game that raises my blood pressure, however, standing in line at Mighty No. 9 yesterday and watching people laugh and have such a good time really made me want to try it. I'm glad I did too, because Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is just a big ol' ball of fun!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to play co-op mode like the game was designed for, so an A.I. dog took the place of my lover and I merely told him where to focus his operations. Together, we steered our ship through randomly generated asteroid fields, destroyed enemy ships, rescued adorable rabbits before finally being blown to pieces by an Ursa Major bear boss.

Every last second was enjoyable too. For those who haven't seen the gameplay, the ship and all of its functions in this game must be controlled from different positions. Shields, turrets, maps, super weapons and even the propulsion are all scattered around the circumference, and you and your partner must balance between taking on enemies coming in from all directions as well as deflecting incoming rockets and asteroids with the shield.

Not to mention you have a ship to safely steer. It's a lot for two people, let alone one, but never did I feel overwhelmed with too many tasks like I do in games like this. Canadian development team Asteroid Base strikes a great balance between the tension and making the whole experience feel natural and easy.

I'll definitely be checking out this game when it comes out. It's currently slated for the Xbox One and PC with no exact release date.