BBC Worldwide logo featuredLovefilm subscribers in the U.K. will soon be able to stream BBC and ITV shows to their living rooms. The movie streaming and rental service has struck deals with BBC Worldwide — the BBC's commercial arm — and ITV to boost its steaming catalog, and provide its subscribers with popular TV titles like Doctor Who, Life On Mars, and Spooks.

The news follows a number of improvements Lovefilm has made to its service in a bid to bolster functionality before U.S. rival Netflix makes its debut here in the U.K. In addition to a new deal with Sony Pictures announced back in December, Lovefilm also partnered up with Warner Bros. just a month before.

Lovefilm's latest deals will allow customers to stream content from BBC and ITV to their PC, PlayStation 3, iPad, web-connected television set, Blu-ray player, and Xbox 360. The company's CEO, Simon Calver, says it this offers subscribers an "even more powerful" offering of instant programming:

"We are thrilled to be bringing together great British TV content with Europe's leading film subscription service. This gives LoveFilm an even more powerful, unique offering of instant programming for our members to view across a growing number of platforms."

We're likely to see more announcements from Lovefilm during the coming months as it prepared itself for the launch of Netflix in the U.K., but will it do enough to keep the competition away? It almost seems as though the company is now desperately trying to introduce services that its customers should have received some time ago. And for some, it just won't be enough.

Will you be dropping your Lovefilm subscription in favor of Netflix soon, or will these improvements convince you to stay put?

[via The Next Web]