PG-Elektrus-AngleIf the Tesla Roadster is not exotic and expensive enough for your EV tastes, then the PG Elektrus might be your ferociously quiet cup of tea. PG’s first attempt in the automobile market is the brooding, snarling Lotus Elise-based PG Elektrus. Up until this point, the German manufacturer has only been known for its creation of carbon fiber bicycle parts, hence the PG Elektrus’s stealthy carbon fiber and composite bodywork.

But the sub-2,000 lb. electric vehicle’s chassis is all Lotus Elise, baby! And with 270 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, the PG Elektrus is able to hit 0-62MPH in a staggering 3-seconds with a top speed of 155MPH. Shazam! PG’s self-proclaimed “city racer” features a solar panel at the rear of the car for continuous charging while driving. But this might be the coolest part of the PG Elektrus:

Drivers who favor a sporty and active driving style have a choice of switching back and forth between automatic transmission and stick shift while driving and get to pick between a full-bodied V8 sound and a racy Formula-One sound thanks to the vehicle’s outstanding sound system.

Now the only catch is, of course, the price of the PG Elektrus. This electric Lotus will spank the register at $367,700 when it debuts in Germany. I knew there was something evil lurking behind its sinister smile.

Via: [Autoblog]