Final Fantasy XV looks great, and we are all killing time in different ways as we await the full release. I’m going back through my favorite old JRPGs in preparation for the genre to possibly be making a drastic turn, and then there is Korean indie developer Yang Bing who pretty much decided to make his own massive RPG in the meantime.

…why do I suddenly feel so small?

Two years ago, Bing was so inspired by the first major Final Fantasy XV trailer from after its name change that he decided he wanted to make a similar game using the footage as inspiration.

And now… yeah, just look at this. It’s unbelievable what he has achieved. I can spot a few problems right away like the lack of detail in the environments and the empty world, but those would be nitpicks in the face of this being created by a single man! It’s obvious that the point of this title is to focus more on intense combat in a small area anyway, more reminiscent of Okami than Final Fantasy XV.

Or dare I say… reminiscent of Star Ocean. Only, with cutscenes… and impressive graphics… and actual character to the presentation.

Very impressive indeed. I’m not sure if well ever get to play this, but hopefully Yang Bin completes his project and then watches The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s trailer next.