The third installment in Capcom's Lost Planet series felt strangely familiar. Not because it's a new title in an established series, but because its muted color scheme, cold and dark environments had me thinking that I had stepped into a third-person version of Guerrilla Games' Killzone. This wasn't a bad thing, but the game's layout did feel somewhat uninspired.

Set on the frosty planet E.D.N. III, you'll step into the role of Jim Peyton, the game's working class protagonist. Since this game is a prequel, Mr. Peyton appears to have no personal ties to anyone from the series' history.

The near twenty minute demo starts you off in a mech-like machine known as a utility rig which is used for digging and mining through various obstacles. Once I made it through the game's training level and learned how to pilot the utility rig, I was out and about exploring which eventually saw me encountering some alien hostiles better known as Akrids.

Lost Planet 3's enemies feel true to its predecessors, but its combat system felt slightly different. For starters there's no jump button in this game, which makes things feel a bit weird when tangling with enemies in closed quarters. I found myself relying heavily on the ability to tumble and dodge attacks, which is somewhat standard in action games but I definitely missed having the ability to jump.

Equipped with both a primary and secondary weapon I found myself blasting my way through entry-level bads and the demo concluded with me taking on what was described as a sub-boss. The final product is said to feature "multiple multiplayer modes" and have a campaign on a par with a usual FPS. If you're a fan of the series you'll definitely feel at home, but to be quite honest it felt like Capcom dug into its old bag of tricks. This isn't a bad thing, but it definitely left me wanting more.