The video clip attached to this post packs within it, essentially, two things: German gaming writers talking about Lost Planet 3 and actual, in-game footage of Lost Planet 3. If you don't speak German, don't worry. You can just dodge all of the unfamiliar language and skip to the bits with the mechs, monsters and frozen tundra.

The game, so far, looks more Lost Planet 1 than Lost Planet 2 (thank the gaming gods). It also looks like it packs more of a survival horror feel, which might stand as a welcome addition to the ambiance and style of the original game.

In case you forgot or didn't already know, Lost Planet 3 will be the first game in the series developed by a western studio. Spark Unlimited, based in California, has the reins for this project. The previous games were both handled by Capcom's Japanese houses.

What do you think of the footage so far?

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