Lost Planet 3 has been pushed back from its estimated “early 2013” release date and into the early days of the summer. Spark Unlimited’s turn with Capcom’s icy third-person shooter probably noticed a swarm of high profile shooters being released this spring and decided to compete on its own terms as a summer release. Now, all it has to worry about is Fuse.

After watching the heavily multiplayer focused Lost Planet 2 tank on the critics’ circuit and sell miserably to match, Capcom decided to take a step back and put more effort into delivering a strong single player campaign, much like the underrated original.

Only, they took an extra step in outsourcing the game to a Western developer in hopes that it might resonate more with the shooter crazy American market. The result looks like a bizarre blend of Japanese and Western game design, not very far from removed from the recent DmC reboot.

Color me slightly intrigued by the idea. Lost Planet‘s setting has always been the star of the series, and I’d like to take a few more trips through it. On the other hand, does the world really need another open-world shooter?

I guess we will find out soon when Capcom releases Lost Planet 3 on June 25th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

And if you still haven’t played it, be sure to import Lost Planet‘s fabulous knock-off series for the PlayStation 3, E.X. Troopers. It tanked pretty hard in Japan, so copies might be floating around for cheap.

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