There was a day long ago when the idea of a Netflix show seemed like a quaint idea. Now it’s an almost daily affair, and the scope on some of these projects is getting staggering. Take the upcoming reboot of Lost in Space, the reboot of the 1960s science fiction show (and late-90s Matt LeBlanc vehicle) for example. If there was any doubt that Netflix is willing to spend top dollar to make shows happen, Lost in Space should handily take care of that.

This reboot is set in the near future, where colonization of space is a reality. The Robinson family is one of the first to make the venture and sets out to explore and settle new worlds. As in the original series, the family is pulled off course and finds itself stranded light years from its intended destination. Like the original, Lost in Space is set 30 years from now, but from there things start to diverge. The robot, famous for the phrase “Danger, Will Robinson!” seems to be an alien life form of some kind, and the first encounter with it is a tense one. The trailer sets up a lot of these moments and promises an exciting show. As Game Informer points out, it’s hard not to spot a little Mass Effect influence in the visual style of the show, and that’s not a bad thing.

Most of all though, it promises an expensive one. Every shot in this trailer looks like something straight out of a top-tier HBO series like Westworld or A Game of Thrones. Looking at this short trailer, it’s not hard to imagine that this show accounts for one of the bigger chunks of Netflix’s growing debt. If the show manages to make good on the tone and feel of this trailer, though, it could be one of the more interesting shows from the streaming giant in a while – and an exceptional remake.

We’ll find out when Lost in Space hits Netflix on April 13.