Services such as Lyft, Uber and Sidecar aren't welcome in the City of Angels, according to L.A. Weekly. All three companies were sent a cease-and-desist letter by Los Angeles's Department of Transportation taxicab administrator Thomas Drischler, accusing each of operating an unlicensed service. Going forward, all three services are barred from picking up passengers.

Los Angeles isn't the only city unwilling to open up to the transportation services. Uber in particular has received its share of flack in New York City, though it's now part of a twelve-month pilot program allowing e-hailing services to compete in the bustling metropolis. It doesn't sound like that's an option out on the West Coast, however, which apparently has much stricter rules.

"These rogue taxis are bypassing all safety regulations created to protect riders and drivers," said William Rouse, general manager of Los Angeles Yellow Cab. "Not only are these high-tech bandit cabs unsafe, they are breaking regulatory standards and disenfranchising safe, legal taxi drivers."

It's unclear whether the city might change its tune on Uber, which is more of a car and taxi service at its core. But the chances of Lyft or Sidecar taking off are slim. Both companies share a similar business model, allowing seemingly anyone to become a cab driver without receiving the proper regulations or safety licenses. That's obviously a huge issue in such a busy city.