With the reports of the Apple TV being named iTV, U.K. TV network ITV is shaking their head in dismay.

A report from Pocket-Lint indicates that ITV acting group director of communications says that ITV’s brand has been “vigorously defended” in the past.  No word was mentioned of ITV taking Apple to court, however indicated that the company would not let down the fight.  He insisted that his firm would be the only one bearing the name.

Large mentioned that licensing the name would be another route the company would take, if Apple decides to name the TV set top box, iTV.  He finished to say that “ITV has a very strong brand, and a highly valued IP,” and that he didn’t want to cross those “muddy” waters.

An anonymous source within ITV has indicated that it wouldn’t go down without a fight so that Apple can’t use their name.  Large did not comment on those reports.  “You only have to look at recent problems with the iPhone 4 to see not everything Apple produces is gold dust,” the source told Mirror. “We all take our ITV brand very seriously and we’ll do everything in our power to protect it.”

On Apple’s end, they could decide to take the iTV trademark in the United States, and name it Apple TV elsewhere, however it doesn’t represent something that Apple would be likely to do.

Apple responded to these reports by saying that Apple “does not comment on rumors or speculation.”